Toast Of Botswana

Although hybrid animals are very rare as per various veterinary records, they can be obtained from the mating of two completely different species of animals. It is extremely easy to acquire a zebra-donkey hybrid (zonkey) or a horse-donkey hybrid (mule) since the two species that are involved are closely related. However, in the year 2000, […]


A goat-sheep chimera also known as a geep all over the world is normally produced by the fusion of the embryos of both a sheep and a goat. The animal formed by this method thus has cells of not only goat but also of sheep origin. Those parts of the chimera that grow from the […]

Żubroń – wisent x domestic cattle

The Żubroń (also known as Zubron) is essentially a hybrid formed from the mating between a wisent and domestic cattle. A wisent (also known as Żubr in Slavic languages) is a European bison. Thus the Żubroń is similar to an American buffalo. A Żubroń is a type of a bovine hybrid. Bovine hybrids are found […]

The Saarlooswolfhond

In the year 1921, a Dutch breeder by the name Leendert Saarloos began crossbreeding a female Eurasian wolf with a male German Shepherd dog. He desired to possess an improved German Shepherd dog that was immune to any kind of distemper. He thus succeeded in obtaining a European wolf dog. This dog was very imposing […]

Dzo – the stronger Yak

The Dzo is a cattle hybrid with the Yak, and is commonly found in Tibet and into Mongolia where they are also a popular hybridized breed. Technically speaking the Dzo is the male hybrid, the female is known as the zohm, or dzomo, additionally there are different spellings and different terms (yakow). The females, Dzomos, […]

Savannah cat – domestic cat and serval in one

The Savannah cat is a hybrid between two related species of feline. Through this hybridization a new line of cats was created, and known as the Savannah cat. The history goes back to when a Bengal cat breeder (also a hybrid cat) crossed a domesticated cat (Felis silvestris catus) with a Serval (Leptailurus serval). Although […]