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Tigon – male tiger crossbred with a female lion

The Tigon or tion, tigron or tiglon is a crossbreed between a male tiger and a female lion. They can have spots (from the female lion’s genes) or stripes (from the father’s genes). Female tigons are fertile, while male tigons are sterile. In our former post we talked about the ligon, female ligons are also […]

Ligers – result of breeding a male lion to a tigress = largest cat in the world

As you may know, tigers and lions do not live in the same area. Lions live in Africa and Tigers live in Asia, so the crossbreeding of a lion and a tiger is not something that happens in the wild. Big Cat Rescue has a piece calling people to don’t pay attention to this crossbreed, […]

The Wonders Of The Big Blue Whale!

The Blue Whale is a marine mammal and belongs to the category of baleen whales. It is almost thirty-three meters long, and its weight is almost one hundred and eighty one metric tons or more. It is considered as the largest animal of the earth. Whales have the long and cylindrical body with the shades […]