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The Saarlooswolfhond

In the year 1921, a Dutch breeder by the name Leendert Saarloos began crossbreeding a female Eurasian wolf with a male German Shepherd dog. He desired to possess an improved German Shepherd dog that was immune to any kind of distemper. He thus succeeded in obtaining a European wolf dog. This dog was very imposing […]

Blue Bedlington Terrier – lamb on a leash

The Blue Bedlington Terrier is named after the mining town ‘Bedlington’ in the Northeast of England. They went by different names a ‘The Rothbury Terrier’ and due to its assistance with poaching ‘The Gypsy Dog’. They have a pear-shaped head, an arched back with a curly coat. They also have quite a reputation thgroughout history, […]

Labradoodle A Strange Name For A Strange Dog !

A Labradoodle is basically a crossbred dog. It is created by crossing the Labrador and a Standard Poodle. It was first intentionally bred in 1989. An Australian breeder named Wally Conron has got the credit to do the first successful experiment. The intension of Canron was to make a dog that can be used as […]

The Cavapoo is not a CaveMan!

Cavapoo is a dog which is the result of a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier (King Charles Spaniel). It is also known as “Cavoodle” in Australia. These dogs are very famous among the families as these are very beautiful and friendly. This is why they are very expensive, too. Breeders charge a high […]