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A goat-sheep chimera also known as a geep all over the world is normally produced by the fusion of the embryos of both a sheep and a goat. The animal formed by this method thus has cells of not only goat but also of sheep origin. Those parts of the chimera that grow from the […]

Żubroń – wisent x domestic cattle

The Żubroń (also known as Zubron) is essentially a hybrid formed from the mating between a wisent and domestic cattle. A wisent (also known as Żubr in Slavic languages) is a European bison. Thus the Żubroń is similar to an American buffalo. A Żubroń is a type of a bovine hybrid. Bovine hybrids are found […]

The Saarlooswolfhond

In the year 1921, a Dutch breeder by the name Leendert Saarloos began crossbreeding a female Eurasian wolf with a male German Shepherd dog. He desired to possess an improved German Shepherd dog that was immune to any kind of distemper. He thus succeeded in obtaining a European wolf dog. This dog was very imposing […]