The Wonders Of The Big Blue Whale!


The Blue Whale is a marine mammal and belongs to the category of baleen whales. It is almost thirty-three meters long, and its weight is almost one hundred and eighty one metric tons or more. It is considered as the largest animal of the earth.

Whales have the long and cylindrical body with the shades of blue color on its body. Three subspecies of Blue Whale are known. First is called “B.M. MUSCULUS” and is usually found in North Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean. Second is “B.M.INTERMEDIA” of Southern Ocean. The third subspecies of Whale is called “B.M.BREVICAUDA” which is common in Indian and South Pacific oceans.

The diet of blue whale is “krill” (small crustaceans), small fish and squid. The main reason of the bluish color of whales is the bluish environment of oceans.

This type of Whale, blue Whale, was found in rich amount in almost all the oceans before the start of 20th century. The whalers used to hunt it for more than forty years. But they were then stopped in 1966 by the efforts of international community. In 2002 a research was made that tells us that almost five thousand to twelve thousand Blue Whales were present in different oceans of the world. Another recent report tells us that before whaling they were found abundantly in the Antarctic Ocean. Almost 239,000 Blue Whales were present in the Antarctic, ranging from 202,000 to 311,000, which is the largest population in any ocean.

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