The Cavapoo is not a CaveMan!

istock_000003716534xsmall.jpgCavapoo is a dog which is the result of a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier (King Charles Spaniel). It is also known as “Cavoodle” in Australia. These dogs are very famous among the families as these are very beautiful and friendly. This is why they are very expensive, too. Breeders charge a high price for a single Cavapoos puppy. The price may be as high as $1500 for one puppy.

The Cavapoo is widely appreciated by the people, because it is very wise and friendly nature mammal. It provides a good company to human beings and people of every age group enjoy its company.

Most of the Cavapoos have a round face. The ears are long and soft, and they have large brows. They are found in different colors. Some are single colored like black, white, gold etc. Some other Cavapoos are tri-colored having white, black and tan colors. Their height range is almost 25cm, the maximum. This attribute of smaller size is inherited from the Cavalier family.

These dogs are famous because of their soft and flowing hair. But these hairs may become a problem. Sometimes, due to the frequent knotting, the toenails are snagged in the fur. In such a case, just remove the hairs from that part where the nails are snagged.

As already stated, Cavapoo is a cross between two different dog families. In this type of cross, the offspring can inherit any characteristic from any family. So, if you want to predict the characteristics of a Cavapoo puppy, just study the characteristics of the dogs that are being crossed. The new puppy may get any of the characteristics found in his parents.

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