Labradoodle A Strange Name For A Strange Dog !

cavapoo.jpgA Labradoodle is basically a crossbred dog. It is created by crossing the Labrador and a Standard Poodle. It was first intentionally bred in 1989. An Australian breeder named Wally Conron has got the credit to do the first successful experiment. The intension of Canron was to make a dog that can be used as a guide for blind people and which has the less hairs. He chose the “Poodle” because of its less hairs and “Labrador” because of its quality of quick learning. This is why the name of this dog is “Labradoodle”.

 As we have told you before that Labradoodle is a crossbred, not a purebred dog. To make it a purebred further development is required. So you can never be certain of their characteristics, they are unpredictable. But most of them carry the desired traits. However, one cannot completely predict the appearance and behavior of a Labradoodle.

 The hairs of Labradoodle may be soft, wiry, curly, straight or wavy. They usually have less dogy smell as compared to Labrador. The Labradoodles may have any color like white, gold, cream, brown, red and black and some other colors of Poodles.

 It is noticed that many breeders do not like to make this species into a recognized breed. They think that the Labradoodle created only by the cross of Poodle and Labrador can have the maximum desired characteristics as compared to the Labradoodle created by two Labradoodles. Also, there is a chance of transmission of diseases in the off-springs when two Labradoodles are crossed. So, most of the breeders prefer crossing a Poodle and Labrdador to avoid health problems in the puppies.

 Some other breeders are trying to get a new breed by crossing the Labradoodles, generations after generations. Such types of Labradoodles are called “Multigen” or “Australian” labradoodles. Later generations may differ from the early generations because of breeding with some other types too.


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