Grolar – hybrid of a grizzly & polar bear

GrolarThe Grolar is a hybrid between a grizzly and a polar bear, they are also called pizzly, grolar bear and polizzly. By their Inuit name, they are known as ‘Nanulak’, a combination of polar bear (Nanuk) and grizzly bear (Aklak). In 2006 a grolar has been shot in the wild (BBC link) by a big game hunter in Banks Island, Northwest Territories, Canada. The bear resembled a polar bear, because of its thick, creamy white fur, but also resembled a Grizzly, because of its long claws, humped back and shallow face, as well as brown patches around its eyes, nose, back and on one foot. If the bear that was shot had been adjudicated to be a grizzly, he would have faced a possible 1000 Canadian dollars fine and a year in jail. This has been the only tangible evidence that these hybrids do occur in the wild. One other possible wild occurrence of the Grolar is the MacFarlane’s Bear, which is also suggested to be a Grolar.

Picture of the Grolar by Sarah Hartwell (Messybeast). Polar/Brown Bear adult hybrid. Rothschild Museum, Trink, England. Licensed under GFDL

2 Responses to “Grolar – hybrid of a grizzly & polar bear”

  1. Shelley Skrepnek on March 19th, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    Leave it up to an American to kill such a unique animal for his pleasure.

  2. Shelley, A) It never specifically mentions an American, it was probably a Canadian.
    B) If he didn’t kill it, we wouldn’t have a definite article of its existence.
    C) Its a unique animal in the wild, but its simply a hybrid animal, I’m not even sure they can reproduce….like a mule.
    D) I don’t condone hunting.

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