JaglionA Jaglion is a hybrid between a male jaguar and a lionness, it has the background color of the lion and the powerful build and the rosettes of the jaguar.

In April 2006, two Jaglion cubs were born at Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Canada, one male (Tsunami) and one female (Jahzara). It was an unintended mating between the black jaguar Diablo and the lioness Lola who had been hand-raised together and were inseparable. They were kept apart when Lola came into oestrus. Tsunami is spotted, but Jahzara is a melanistic jaglion due to inheriting the jaguar’s dominant melanism gene. It was not previously known how the jaguar’s dominant melanism gene would interact with lion coloration genes.

Picture taken at Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum, England by Sarah Hartwell, licensed under GFDL

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