Toast Of Botswana

Toast of botswana

Toast of botswana

Although hybrid animals are very rare as per various veterinary records, they can be obtained from the mating of two completely different species of animals. It is extremely easy to acquire a zebra-donkey hybrid (zonkey) or a horse-donkey hybrid (mule) since the two species that are involved are closely related.

However, in the year 2000, the veterinarians in Botswana reported an extraordinary occurrence of a goat-sheep hybrid. They gave the name ‘Toast of Botswana’ to this goat-sheep hybrid. The birth of this animal hybrid was the result of a mating between a male sheep and a female goat, which were kept in a barn together. Although there have been several attempts to perform such inter-specific animal crosses all over the world, most commonly in Malta, Chile and Jamaica, most of them result in hybrids that are still born.

Characteristics Of The Toast Of Botswana

This goat-sheep hybrid has fifty-seven chromosomes (large structures present in the nuclei of every cell, which aggregates into DNA) that are intermediate in number between goats (sixty chromosomes) and sheep (fifty-four chromosomes). This intermediate number according to agricultural studies proved that this animal is definitely not an instance of a mistaken identity but an actual hybrid animal.

Normally, goat-sheep hybrids such as the Toast of Botswana die in the embryo form because of the vast differences in the number of chromosomes and them belonging to varied genera (the genus of sheep is Ovis and goats belong to the genus Capra). The Toast of Botswana has features, which are halfway. It has an inner coat that is woolly, an outer coat that is coarse, a sheep-like body that is heavy and long legs (goat-like) apart from being white in color. Its tail always hangs down.

This hybrid animal has an extremely active libido in spite of being infertile, mounting both does and ewes even if they are not in heat. Therefore, this animal is also known as the rapist or ‘Bemya’. According to many veterinarians, the survival of single born individuals is not problematic. However if a species with an odd number of chromosomes continues to exist, it’s survival is a problem since the formation of sperms will tend to fail.

The Toast of Botswana is also very resistant to several diseases. It rarely gets sick even if there is an epidemic of foot rot in the monsoon season. The Toast of Botswana tends to grow faster than the lambs and kids that are born simultaneously.


Study of hybrid animals such as the Toast of Botswana is very beneficial since it may give important insights as to why some pregnancies fail to occur in livestock.

Hybrids are also larger as compared to their parents due to which, they have some amount of economic value. Veterinarians normally record the lifespan of such hybrid animals and conduct a thorough post mortem for comparing and characterizing their internal organs with their respective parents. They also preserve the tissues of such hybrids for future use.

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  1. Those are interesting animals and I think hybrids are kind of cool, except for when it comes to livestock we eat.

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