Feline 101

Cat is the mammal of the feline family of the order felidae. Felidae includes lions, tigers, jaguars, and wild and domestic cats. In this article we will discuss only domestic cat. It is a carnivorous mammal and is a good friend of human beings. People love to have a cat because it is a good companion and also has the capability to catch the vermin.

 A skilled cat can prey on more than one thousand species. The cat is a wise mammal and you can give it some training, easily, to follow your orders. It can do some simple mechanisms like doorknobs. It uses various methods for the communications like special voices. It is known as one of the favorite pets.

According to a research done by the National Cancer Institute, the domestic cats are descended from Wildcats (FELIS SILVESTRIC LYBICA CIRCA) which were present about 10000 years ago. These were present in the Near East. It is studied that all other sub-species of wildcat can breed with one another. The domestic cats can only breed to another member of FELIS SILVERTRIC LYBICA CIRCA.  It means it is not possible to make new species of the domestic cats by cross breeding with some other type.

Their weight ranges between 2.5 and 7 kilograms. But Maine Coon, a type of cat may weight more than eleven kg. And some of the cats may weight about twenty-three kg due to overeating. But sometimes very small breeds, less than two kg are also observed.