Pooche 101


Dog is considered as a faithful animal. It is a subspecies of wolf and belongs to Canidae family. It is a mammal of carnivorous category. As faithfulness is the nature of dog so people across the world love to keep a dog in their houses and it is proved to be a good companion. It provides them the company of a friend as well as the security of a faithful guard. In some countries it is also used as a food source.

 Several hundred different species of dog are present, today. Each variety varies in height. Some of the species are few inches in height while its other breeds may be few feet tall. Chihuahua is of few inches and Irish Wolfhound is few feet tall. It also varies in colors, like white, black, brown, chocolate etc.

 The word dog is used to refer the domestic dog which is also called “Canis lupus familiaris”. It was first categorized as Canis familiaris in 1758, by Linnaeus. They were recategorized as a subspecies of the gray wolf, Canis lupus, by the Smithsonian Institution and the American Society of Mammalogists in 1993. Dog is usually considered to belong to the family Canidae, such as wolves, foxes, and coyotes.